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Glen Dale Elementary Students “Tour” WV

Glen Dale Elementary School 4th graders have been busy learning about their home state and all it has to offer.

As part of their “Wild, Wonderful West Virginia Tourism Challenge,” students worked in groups to complete a problem-based learning experience. Their challenge? To develop promotional materials to persuade kids, and their families, to explore and vacation in the Mountain State.

After being assigned a tourism region to research, each group was challenged to create an informational display board, an eye-catching brochure, a trivia game and a three minute commercial. The commercials were recorded and edited using classroom iPads, with many groups adding features such as background music, photos and captions. 

The projects culminated in a “Tour of West Virginia” event Tuesday evening, in which family members viewed students’ finished work. The night was a collaborative effort of the school-wide community at Glen Dale.

GDES Music teacher Kathy Fox led the students in singing “Country Roads,” local musician Doug Petit performed, parents provided regional foods such as dehydrated golden delicious apples, homemade pepperoni rolls, and West Virginia-shaped cookies. Students’ commercials about West Virginia were shown on the “big screen” for all to enjoy. 

This is the second year for this challenge and 4th grade teachers Sally Mull and Sarah Rouhier hope to see it become an annual tradition. The project was designed to not only teach West Virginia history in an engaging way but, more importantly, to instill a sense of pride and place for local students who may not be aware of all the attractions the state has to offer.