This page is the opening for several establishments that occupy the area of the South end of town where the Smelter was located.
Most of the time of our youth, it was a housing row referred to as part of Spanish row and an open field where ball fields were carved out of the weeds. 

  When Route 2 was widened into four lanes through town, the buildings on the East side of that part of Lafayette Avenue
were removed either demolished or put on trucks and physically moved. The West side of Spanish row remains as it was. 

  The area is a site of modern growth as it has expanded in applications over the last few years.
 Below is a table listing some of the present establishments found there so far.

  Click on the letter on the table used to identify each establishment's name to view the business picture.


A Plaza Motel and Guest House Restaurant
B Anwar Cataract and Eye Center
C Pepsi Cola
D Teletech
E Department of Highways
District 6 Office and Shop
F Department of Motor Vehicles
G Department of Human Resources
H Block Busters Video OUT OF BUSINESS
  ****Adjoined parts of the Plaza Mall****
I Krogers
J Family Dollar Store
K Hallmark Cards OUT OF BUSINESS
L Big Lots
M Big Lots Furniture
N Great Chinese Buffet II
O Rent A Center
P Shoe Sensations
Q Dunhan's Sports
R Pool supplies OUT OF BUSINESS
S Radio Shack
T Peebles Clothes
U RK Carry Out and Restaurant
V H&R Block Center
W Cheap Tobacco
X Hair Salon and Pretty Nails
Goin' Postal

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