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Career Tech Education

"Skills For A Lifetime"

Scott G. Varner,                  Director of Career Tech and Adult Programs      304-843-4400  ext. 343
Linda Berlin,                        Adult Education & Job Placement Coordinator    304-843-4458  ext. 314
Larry Freeland,                    Vocational Counselor                                             304-843-4458  ext. 303
Donna Crawford,                 Vocational Secretary                                               304-843-4400  ext. 342

    Vocational Technical Education encompasses a tremendous variety of programs designed to equip students with work and life skills.  The vocational curriculum's unique combination of classroom instruction, hands-on laboratory work and on-the-job training (augmented by an active network of student organizations) gives students the practical experience needed to succeed in their chosen career field.   There are over two thousand secondary students* enrolled in a wide variety of vocational-technical classes in Marshall County Schools.  The following classes are offered at John Marshall and Cameron High Schools:

Vocational Technical Education at JOHN MARSHALL HIGH SCHOOL
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Vocational Technical Education at CAMERON HIGH SCHOOL

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Adult Education Program
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Career Portal
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Career Jet
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Job Search USA
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