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Gateway Achievement Center

Principal:  Amy Trowbridge

37 Oak Avenue
Moundsville, WV 26041
304-843-4526 (Office)
304-843-4528 (FAX)

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Mission Statement:

The faculty and staff will provide a safe, caring, and productive environment for all students.  Our goal is to assist students in obtaining the necessary knowledge, discipline, and character traits to become valued citizens in our communities.

Core Beliefs:

  • Every student has worth and value, and is integral to our society.
  • Mental, emotional and physical health are essential for optimal learning.
  • Every Student learns differently, but will be educated to the highest standards.
  • All students and employees are entitled to a safe and caring environment.
  • Open communication is the key to our success.

The Gateway Achievement Center Program is designed to meet the needs students in grades 9-12 who meet the following referral criteria. 7th and 8th grade may be admitted under exceptional circumstances.

Referral Process - Referrals for entry into the Gateway Achievement Center are made by the SAT Team of the student's home school.


  • Has shown academic success in the past, but failing multiple subjects even after SATs and implementation of RTI
  • Demonstrates compliance
  • May require refocusing to complete tasks
  • May need to learn strategies to deal with distractions
  • May be at risk for dropping out of school
  • Social, Emotional distress


  • Multiple discipline referrals
  • Noncompliance
  • Disruptive behaviors
  • Failed classes
  • Past involvement with court system
  • Expulsion from school

Should it be determined that placement at Gateway Achievement Center is in the best interest of the student, the following will occur:

  • Behavior contract is completed by student and parent
  • Memorandums of understanding are signed between parent, home school, and the agencies providing services to the student.
  • Textbooks are provided by home school
  • Counselor from home school remains as the student's counselor
  • Case Manager from home school will continue in that role for students receiving special education services

Facility and Faculty

The program facility is comprised of seven classrooms, computer labs, and a gymnasium. Gateway employs four highly certified teachers and a principal with a part-time nurse. They have alternative certifications and have been trained in passive restraint techniques. A county therapist is available for counseling services weekly.

Breakfast and lunch are provided.


The students are scheduled in core classes:

English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.

Teacher directed instruction occurs in conjunction with computer adaptive programs.

A limited selection of elective courses is offered.

In addition to intense educational strategies, the students will be given the opportunity to engage in credit recovery.

The development of social/emotional skills is also stressed. While attending GAC, students will participate in programs from outside organizations, which include but not limited to Youth Services, YWCA, Vocational Rehabilitation, Family Resource Network, and WVU Extension Service.



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