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FinalForms was purchased in the summer of 2020 to help parents and schools reduce the amount of paperwork that needs completed and submitted.  Previously, the Student Services Bulletin contained several forms that needed completed and returned.  We now encourage parents to visit (opens in new window) and create your parent login and register your child and fill out the required forms for them electronically.

For previously enrolled students who participate 100% in distance learning, FinalForms will be a way for parents to complete these forms without having to send/receive paper to/from the school.

Detailed instructions on how to do this process can be found in this pdf document located HERE.  You must have a valid email address before you start the process since that will be used to create your login.

You should also have your child's WVEIS number (or student number).  This number usually starts out 4800... and ends with the five digits they use as part of their MARS login to use a computer (students sometimes call it their "lunch number".)  The WVEIS number (or Student ID) is often printed on student schedules, report cards, etc.  Your child should use the official K12 email given to them by the school.  It looks similar to (it follows the pattern first initial, middle initial, first five letters of last name, then a number generated by the state, and then

If the form requires a phone number and you do not have one, simple enter 999-999-9999 as the number so the form can be submitted.  The company requires more information than we do and we are working on reducing the amount of information required to be submitted, while continuing to meet state and local requirements.